Saturday, 6 February 2010


Hello everyone,

My name is Muteen Hussain and i have decided to start a new blog again. last time i use to blog on myspace about my week and atleast one of my own lyrics per month, but this blog will be about Formula 1. I like watching sports and F1 is the one sport I follow most. i have made prediction over the years and they have come good. like the 2008 season, I knew the best Ferrari driver was going to be Massa and not Kimi, and that Lewis was the other main contendor. In 2009 I knew with Ross Brawn was going to give Button a great car before Honda pulled out and i still say if Ferrari had signed Button instead of Kimi, Brawn would have gone back to Ferrari. Dont be supprised if these two work together again at Ferrari after Shumi leave...again.

This season will be the most unpredicable ever. we are still yet to see the full driver line up and if all the teams can afford to stay the whole season. What i will say for now is that one team will go bust, like Super Aguri, there will be a big call to bring back refuelling, which in my opinion should should have remained because it adds to the unperdicatablity of how much fuel a car has. Plus some of the best actions happen in the pit lane when the cars are refueling, remember Massa went to early. I predict that refueling will be back next year if not after the summer break, so the teams can addapt their cars.

I am going to try and not write too much on my blogs, because I personnaly dont like reading too much, but I may also be making a video blog on race weekends. More info to follow. hope you come back soon.

Thank you and Have Fun