Sunday, 14 March 2010

Bahrain GP

Well it was good to see the first race of the season and oh boy do we need to see some changes. When there was refuelling, there was always going to be 2 pit stops or more, but now the drivers only have to do 1 as long as they can look after there tyres. with more pit stops there was a chance something happening and it also broke the race down into 3 parts. I was board mainly because there was no over taking, well there isn't normally because a lot of over taking is done either a mistake, in the pits, an accident or malfunction. They are on about bringing in a mandatory 2 pit stops, well that would be more entertaining for the viewers and it would make the drivers push the tyres more, but what i think they should do is bring back refuelling but instead of Q3 cars carrying the fuel from Qualifying into the race they should just qualify with little fuel on there cars and then top up to how much they want after, and not release the data out. This will bring back the mystery element of the sport and we would have to guess who will be coming in at which stop, how many stops will they be doing and the lighter cars will be trying to take over the heavier cars.

As for the rest of the race,

The Red Bull was a great surprise but they are still unreliable, which i think will be the reason why they wont win the championships.

Ferrier look to be great with two drivers that wont stop pushing even if they fall back.

McLaren look to be the best on keeping their tyres so we will see a good fight from them.

Mercedes will be pushing for the podiums and with can get 3 wins at most this year, 2 for Schumi and 1 for Rosberg.

Force India have stepped up and look to be Williams best challengers for 9th and 10th spot in the race.

Williams will want to secure there place as the best of the middle teams and with Rubens it look possible and they could get a 2 podiums, 1 at the British GP.

Didn't see much from Renault, mainly because Kubica was spun on the 1st laps but but finishing 11th show's he has the passion to drive and compete. Don't think he would finish higher than 6th in a couple of races.

Toro Rosso need to pick up there game or they will be caught by the new boys.

Lotus, probably the best untold story of the race with both cars finishing and Kovi finishing ahead of a Toro Rosso is a great start for them. They will be the 1st of the new boys to win some points.

BMW Sauber were a disappointment. With them being BMW last year and having experience in F1 for such a long time they should have done a lot better.

Hispania need more race time. Good that they made it to the grid but with little or no practice, this is the result. should be interesting to see how they improve and to see if they will get a point. Possible 3 points this season with Senna getting them in a wet race.

Virgin want to be the best of the new boys, and Branson has a bet with Lotus boss on the best new team, the loser will have to work on the others airline for the day, will at the moment Lotus look to have the better car so Virgin will need to improve and I'm looking forward to this team being the fun team of the season.

Who will win the world championship? Vettel.

Muteen Hussian

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