Monday, 8 March 2010

F1 Is Upon Us

The F1 season is only days away and the big four, McLaren Ferrari Mercedes and Red Bull, look set to be competing for the first win. I think the Ferraris will lead at the beginning but the McLaren will be close behind with Button because i think he will know how to look after his tyres better than Lewis. Red Bull have a great car designed by Adrian Newey and the Mercedes have a the genius of Brawn, but i think both will be just short to win this race.

F1 looks to be going back to private owned teams and probably the best private owned team would have to be Williams. This good be a great year for them and i think will be, for some people a surprise, especially if they have a win. Renault, Force India, and Tora Rosso make up the middle order (for me). Force India and Tora Rosso do not want to fall along side the new teams, this a great time to push for bigger points and hope that some accident will push them forward in the race. Renault wont be anything great. For me they are like this years BMW, but we good see some great driving by Robert Kubica.

Lotus F1, Hispania Racing Team, Sauber and Virgin Racing, The new boys, good to see them on the grid, it would have been a bigger embracement if another team had to drop out. F1 should be seen as a smooth running machine and the FIA should see why US F1 has pulled and make sure this does not happen again because I am sure there are others that would have done a better job. The big issue for the new boys would be reliability. As for points, well i think they have to hope for the front runners to crash out or there reliability lets them down.

As for the world Champion this year, if Button can win one of the 1st four races i think that will give him the confidence to be champion again, but it will be between Lewis and Alonso and i think the Ferrari reliability will win it for him…sorry Massa.

Schumacher, will he win a race, yes. I would say he will win the Monaco GP and the Hungarian GP.

Please know that this is only my view of the 2010 F1 season.

Muteen Hussain

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