Sunday, 4 April 2010

Malaysian GP

It was a great qualifying session to watch, shame I was at work. With Ferrier and McLaren getting there strategies wrong, the mid teams had the chance to take full advantage of getting into the top ten and it was great to see both the Lotus cars ahead of the Ferrier's and Lewis. Webber was the one thinking outside of the box by choosing to go on the intermediate tyres. We have seen it in the past, the driver who can think of a different way can lead the pack, Button did it in the last race and Schumacher use to be the best driver on judging when to use the intermediates when he was on top of his game. It was a a shame Webber could not have a better start. He was more focused on trying to keep Vettle behind him, and they say if you look behind you will lose a few tenth and will be passed. He may feel that Vettle has the edge in the team, but needs to concentrate on making a gap rather who’s behind. It was quite for the top 4 drivers, which is still a signal that it can be a boring season, but thankfully the action was with the Ferrier’s and McLaren’s trying to make there way up the grid. With thanks to there bad qualifying, fastest cars where going to over take slowest ones and make it a good show. they where even battling it out with each other. Lewis was ahead of them and Button was left to handle both Ferrier’s. Massa did well and is now leading the championship, he has be consistent and can do the same as he did in 2008 and the quite challenger. Red Bull finally got there win and third different team winning a GP this season who will win the next race? Mercedes GP possibly?.

Red Bulls: A solid performance for a one-two, should have been the other way round but this could also have been there 3rd victory of the season had it not been for reliability issues.

Mercedes GP: Rosberg did well and was never going to lose his 3rd place unless of a mistake. He was to slow for the Red Bulls but quick for Kubica. Schumi should have done better in qualifying, and if was un fortunate for him that he had to stop because more people will be criticising him about his comeback. Don't forget that when he went to Ferrier the car was not the best there and it took him five years to win the Championship.

Renault: Kubica followed up from a great 3rd place in Australia to finish 4th. He took advantage of the Ferrier’s and McLaren’s not being in the top ten and i think Ferrier will like to sign him.

Force India: Sutil also took advantage of Ferrier's and McLarens not being in the top ten, and had a nice little battle with Lewis. Both with the same engine it just seems like they have a good aero package but need to improve it if they want to be on the podium.

McLaren: Lewis had the drive of the day. Over taking 8 cars in his first lap, nearly colliding with his team mate and a battle with his good friend Sutil. Button also had a good drive, made a brave chose to change his tyres early to help him stay ahead of the Ferrier’s Massa over took him and i don't think Alonso would have with his problems.

Ferrier: Massa moved up the grid quietly than Lewis, did well to over take Button and he has the ability to be consistently in the points. This is why he is on top of the drivers championship. Alonso did well to stay close to his team mate and try to overtake Button, but with his down shift problem, he same never going to make pass Button and stay in front.

Toro Rosso: Alguersuari did well to get some points for the team. They wont be as competitive as they where in 2008, but they will be fighting for points with young drivers who want to show there talent.

Williams: Hulkenburg got his first points which will be great for him but is was a shame for Rubens who had a bad start. He cannot let his head go down and must help push the team forward especially with Renault and Force India making a gap on them in the constructors title.

Virgin: Finishing ahead of the other new boys will give them a boost and if they want some points they will have to hope others have car failures

Hispania: Hispania have improved a lot to have both cars nearly over 90% of the race. They are looking better after this race and am looking forward to seeing what they can do in the next race.

Lotus: Home GP for them and suffered with ‘Home GP’ syndrome. They where beaten by the other new boys this time but and a great qualifying session.

BMW Sauber: With there one car not starting the race and the second car retiring after 8 laps, it was a bad day at the office for then and i think BMW will be thinking of dropping the name soon.

Muteen Hussian

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