Sunday, 18 April 2010

Chinese GP

‘A Rebel Race’, that’s what I am calling this race. Started with Alonso jumping the start and for a two time world champion and a man with his experience that is bad. He also over took his team mate on entry to the pits, I think he will have trouble with team orders at Ferrier especially with Massa always being a great dark horse. Lewis and Vettle had action when Lewis over took Vettle on his way into the pits but they touched in the pits after there release, which was dangerous especially when Vettle was pushing Lewis near the tyre guns; it could have caused a major accident. Button had a good race but he did bunch the pack up to much and Martin did comment on it, possibly, breaking the F1 law.

As for the rest of the race, will its was good to watch. Chaos ruled the race, Rosberg and Button made the choice of the day by staying out on slick tyres. That decision could have easily been bad for them if it did rain a bit more. The rain gave us the chance to see some over taking and Lewis was on a roll, passing Schumacher must have been a dream come true for him. Action for the last points went on through put the race. Alguersuari made a good challenge but couldn't stay in the points. Massa overtaking Schumacher in the last few laps and Schumacher did not make it easy for any one to pass him. A good chaotic race, but i still feel there was something missing, I'm thinking that maybe the crowds atmosphere. The European race would see a chance to that.

McLaren: A great race for them with having a one-two. They will enjoy this win going into the little break before the next race and being on top of both championships

Mercedes GP: Rosberg make a great choice on tyres and another podium will be great for him. Schumi was frustrated because the car did have a little problem but we saw how competitive he his when others tried to overtake him. He will win a race and should not be written off.

Ferrier: Alonso making a Rookies mistake and Massa not finishing further up the grid will make a below par weekend for the team and could we be seeing the beginnings of a friction between Alonso and Massa after Alonso overtake Mass into the pits?

Renault: Quite but both drivers did well on being in the points especially Petrov starting from 14th to finish 7th. Renault bosses will be thinking next year will be great for them.

Red Bulls: A bad day at the office. They are the team to beat on qualifying but they lose it in the race. They are throwing away what could easily have been a perfect start to the season. Only converting one pole into a win and that was with the other driver isn't a championships winning team.

Force India: Sutil lost out on the two Red Bulls overtaking him and he couldn’t over take Schumi for the final point, but they have a Mercedes engine, probably the best, and would expect more.

Williams: Early in the year i thought they where having Renault engines, i was wrong sorry, they are using Cosworth. Its not an engine that will help them finish 5th(but what do i know). they had a great partnership with Renault in the 90s and I think will be need for them again as well as bringing Kubica to the team.

Toro Rosso: Alguersuari had an entertaining race. nearly in points, battling with many cars and losing his front wing, and he has matured. He could be the next great Spaniard.

Lotus: Kovalainen has been consistent, it will pay off and they will get some points.

Hispania: Both car lasting the race, they are making big steps forward and more so now that they got both there cars to the end. A great day at the office.

Virgin: They still haven't got the car up to shape. They have a lot of work to do. The petrol tank will be full size soon so then they can use there engines to full revs.

BMW Sauber: A team will a lot of experience just not getting things right. There need to be some major changes on the reliability.

Muteen Hussain

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