Sunday, 1 August 2010

Hungarian Grand Prix

With a mid season break and the Red Bulls flying at this track, it would seem that they could have the best break. Vettle got off to a good start and this time he didn’t push the P2 to the wall. He got a good start but Alonso got a better one passing Webber. Petrov got ahead of Lewis in his Renault but Lewis had the faster car and would over take him later. The biggest loser at the start was Button. It was already bad that he started in 11th but he was back in 15th by the 1st corner because the cars in front had just formed a grid of sorts and block him which gave the cars behind to get close and over take him.

Vettle was flying away and he built up a 12 second lead until there was some debris on the track and the safety had to come out for the steward to clear it safely. all the drivers came into the pits apart from Webber Rubens and Trulli. The safety makes the race good for the viewer, and the action happened in the pit lane. With the drivers rushing in the teams had both driver in at the almost at the same time, but the 2nd drivers managed to make a gap so they didn't have to queue. Lewis took advantage of this and passed Massa, and a good stop Kubica before he was released while the Force India of Sutil was coming into his stop, which was in front of the Renaults, and they hit each other. This happened at the same time when the wheel of Rosberg’s car came off and bounced down the pit lane, lucky that no one was injured. The wheel gunman on Rosberg’s tyre must not have turned the nut all the way and the excuse may be pressure, but the pressure is always there to get the job done right.

Webber didn’t come in under the safety car and was in first with Vettle in second. There was a big gap between the two and the stewards would later penalise Vettle for making a 10 car gap in front of him, under the safety car, and give Webber a good lead for a pit stop and come out behind him. Vettle got a drive through and ended up behind Alonso and Webber had been flying after the safety car making an over 20 second gap so him can have his pit stop and stay in first to win the race and lead the championship.

The big news was made by Schumi him self. Rubens, his old team in Ferrari, was trying to over take him for a few laps and Schumi was closing the door on him. that was fine, he is fighting to stay in front until he got out of the corner badly and Rubens made a good approach, got into his slip stream and pass him on the right. As he was passing Schumi, Schumi pushed Rubens to the pit wall and nearly caused an major accident. Schumi said he gave Rubens room on the left but when your racing for points you don’t give any room to any one.

A GP for the mid teams to take advantage of the poor performance of McLaren and Mercedes. Plus the so called second drivers betting there better team mates.

Red Bulls: They had the pace and where the best team all weekend. As a team they need to work better on finishing one-two, and Vettle needs to convert more poles to wins, he wont win the title only winning 2 races from pole.

Ferrari: They game come good in the last two races and are now the team challenging the Red Bulls. Could they give Alonso the great end to the season like Kimi got in 2007 to win the title? it is Possible.

Renault: Making a mistake in the pits with Kubica and him later retiring, Petrov drove a good race and with luck on his side, with retirement form others, he ended up fifth. Great job and more points.

Williams: With a fresh engine the Williams do will and Hulkenberg beat his team mate was good and finished in sixth and Rubens in tenth after passing Schumi in the last few laps. To think it has been 100 GP’s since there last win, the team need investment and I think a better engine. They had great success with Honda and Renault but i think they should get a Ferrari or one of the car manufactures will come back, not as a team but as an engine supplier to Williams.

Sauber: Had a great weekend. Rosa got into the top ten in qauly and stayed in the points to finish seventh and his team mate, Kobayashi started on the back room to finish ninth was a great result for the team.

McLaren: Had a weekend to forget. The car is not fast enough to be on front row or win races. Lewis had to retire with a gearbox problem and Button had a bad qauly with a poor start but ended up eighth. They have now lost top position on both championships and need to get their heads down if they want to be back on top. The next GP, Spa, may suit the car better but how much.

Mercedes: Schumi was only good at the start by passing two cars and making it into the points but made trouble for himself with Rubens. Rosberg could not do anything with his wheel not screwed on properly. Bad weekend with no points.

Toro Rosso: Having a quite weekend but Alguersuari’s engine blew in the opening laps. They failed where other teams around them capitalised on the big teams failures up front.

Force India: No points this weekend and an unfortunate accident for them in the pits made it a poor weekend by their standards.

Lotus: Both cars finished and they they were out qualified by one Virgin car but they finished ahead of them. Great for them and pushing for a quicker car with reliability good.

Virgin: Glock qualified ahead of the Lotus and they thanked there backers for there help, but they finished behind them. They also finished the race and are getting closer to the Lotus.

Hispania: For a team that is meant to be struggling to find money to keep it going they also had two cars that finished in the whole race. Can this help them find some investors, lets hope so.

Muteen Hussain

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