Sunday, 25 July 2010

German GP

As always the start of a Grand prix is the most exciting to watch. I've noticed when Vettle is on pole instead of going straight on and concentrating on getting a great start he pushes whoever is on P2 to the side, he has done it to Webber a few times, and this cost him today. Massa took advantage of Vettle’s push on Alonso and that put Vettle off and soon had the two Ferraris ahead of him. Webber get a good start but the two McLaren just had better pace him and Lewis got ahead of his team mate at the start to have a go at Webber and stayed in fourth to have a quite race. Button had a challenge from Kubica but he had a better car to pull away and over take Webber. When Vettle came in to do his mandatory pit-stop his team got him to some open space and go as fast as he can. This had a chain reaction and the other lead drivers came in. Button did stay out longer and I'm wondering how long could he have stayed out i and pushed his car to the limit to over take Lewis after the pit-stop.

There are two stories today, but one will dominate. First about the fuel onboard cars. The car cannot go flat-out al through out the race because they do not have enough fuel onboard. So they have to slow down during the race at some point. If refuelling was bought back into F1 then the drivers will go flat out more. I know with refuelling last year some drivers slowed down a bit in the last 10 laps but today with Vettle behind the Ferrari’s he would have pushed them till the end.

Secondly, Ferrari’s team orders or code. Massa was in the lead fairly, Vettle was not catching the Ferrari’s and Alonso had a quicker car, but still Alonso should have taken his chances and passed Massa when he was struggling with tyres. They sent a coded message to Massa to let Alonso through but it was badly done. All team do it and have done it this year, Button told to save fuel when he passed Lewis in Turkey. Code or no code, Ferrari did not illegally tell Massa to move over and Massa did not have too but he is a team player and he wants to driver for Ferrari. This will take the attention away from what has been a boring race.

Ferrari: Got a one-two, been the strongest team over the weekend and Alonso is creping back into the title race. At the moment they have a £65k fine but will anything else happen to them?

Red Bull: They wanted a win but got some points and that has put both there driver level in the championship. They are probably glad that they wrong spotlight is not on them.

McLaren: There updates are not giving them the extra speed they need to challenge for wins. Played it safe to finish 4th and 5th. they are still on top of both championships and hope that Ferrari and Red Bulls keep taking points off each other.

Renault: Kubica has pushed the Team forward and have beaten the Mercedes GP. They are looking to finish 5th in the constructors championship but with luck on there side they can finish 4th.

Mercedes: Not a good home GP all around. Schumi had a good start from 11th and passed his team mate Rosberg, who passed him after the pit stops. The team are still developing this car but Schumi wants them to start on next years so that he can win the title. Ross Brawn did the same when he was at Honda and the next year they won both titles as Brawn GP.

Sauber: Had a little battle with the Williams but where just outside the points. Not looking as though they can break into the top 10 so may decide to work on next years car.

Williams: Both drivers started in the points but finished outside the top ten.Not a good weekend for them but this is a 2 race old engine and they perform better when they have a new one. The Renault engine would have been the better choice but why Cosworth.

Toro Rosso: With not many front cars pulling out of the race, they where unlikely to get any points. Didnt help that Buemi lost his rear wing and was out of the race, but onto the next one.

Force India: They had a weekend to forget. Sutil had to take a 5 place penalty because he had a gear box change and Liuzzi had a crash in qualifying which has not done him any good.

Virgin: They need to start getting some speed now. They have finished ahead of there two other rivals but need some points and that will only come with speed now.

Hispania: Senna had his best qualification in 20th and brought the car home. Not sure about there new driver for just the one race but that is a money decision and they need it.

Lotus: Had looked good in qualy and Trulli had done a great job hoping to do well in the race, but it wasnt to be both cars had retired. The new boys need to pick up there pace.

Muteen Hussain

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