Sunday, 9 May 2010

Spanish GP

As I only got the chance to watch the highlights of the race, that's all i can comment on.

It was a great day for Webber, leading from start to finish. He had a good start and kept Vettle and Lewis behind to bring home his first win of the season. The Red Bulls have a great car in qualifying but where does that speed go in the main race? They are not as dominate in the race as Lewis showed he could give them a challenge when the cars are filled with fuel. So when the McLarens do get that extra bit on the Red Bulls we good be in the a great race. Unfortunately for Lewis he had a puncher on the penultimate lap. More points lost but he seemed positive on taking the on the race and i think he see’s a good season unfolding for him. His team mate, Button, still remains on top in the championship but couldn't overtake Schumi. With Barcelona being a track not for overtaking, it played into the hands of Schumi when Button came out the pits behind him. Schumi did well keeping him behind and showed he still is as competitive, looking forward to seeing him in the next race. Alonso finishing 2nd was great for the home fans but the Ferrier only got to the front when the cars in front have problems,they will need a big upgrade. The race was not a classic and i think we need to bring in a mandatory 2 pit stops. This will give the drivers the chance to push the tyres to the limit instead of trying to hold on to them, it will make for great racing plus we could see more cars with mechanical failures as we saw with Vettle who had to take it easy because his breaks were about to break. Not good for him if his car is going to break at every race.

A fourth winner of the season out of five races, will there be a fifth at the next? Schumi?

Red Bull: Superb for two drivers on the podium, should have been a 1-2 but reliability is an issue with Vettle and maybe his driving style. They have lost many points this season and could lose both championship if they don't stop that.

Ferrier: Having luck is a good thing and Alonso had it today. With Vettle pit stop problems and Lewis’s puncher, 2nd was better than what they could have hoped for, they just need to keep Massa’s chin up and not turn him into a Rubens, a quite second driver.

Mercedes: Disappointing for Rosberg with a bad start and the upgrades not working as well for him as Schumi, who had a good race and had his best finish in forth. Looking forward to there next race.

McLaren: Not as bad as the result shows, i think. Showed they have good race pace and need to improve on qualifying but they still lead in both championships. There consistency should help them win the titles.

Force India: Got more points making this season very good for them. Sutil is raising his stock and some teams will be looking for his services.

Renault: Kubica got more points for them but did move up the grid with Massa and Sutil passing him. they have a good car but at what point in the season will they say, lets start work on next years car’?

Williams: After a bad qualifying for Rubens and the upgrades not working that well, the race turned out to be great for them. Going from 18th to 12th in the 1st lap and finishing 9th, a great day for him, but his team mate will need help to improve.

Toro Rosso: Another point on the board and pushing the Williams, which i didn't think they would be as competitive.

Sauber: Kobayashi gave them a great qualifying in 10th, shame he couldn't get any points, it would have been a much bigger step up.

Lotus: Shame that Kovi couldn't get to start the race, he has been doing well for the team and Trulli has got them some good race info so that they can improve the car.

Virgin: Both cars officially finished but the cars are slow. They are hoping to get a few points this season will they have a lot to do.

Hispania: A disappointing home race, they would liked to have completed the race but it just wasn't there weekend.

Muteen Hussain

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