Sunday, 16 May 2010

Monaco GP

Get ting pole helps to win races, but no more than Monaco, and Webber lead with a master class. He was building up a lead only to be cut because of the safety car. Its puts him top of the Drivers title, level on points with Vettle but he has one more win. Vettle did well to take second and keep Kubica behind him, but i think Kubica would have been second if he wasn’t concentrating on Vettle at the start of the race. Alonso had much to do, considering he started from the pits and lucky for him the safety car came out and he changed his tyres for his one and only pit stop. with a superior car he normally would be overtaking the back markers but this is Monaco and its not easy to over take anywhere. He had a good battle with Di Grassi. He wasn’t going to let Alonso past but made a mistake and took advantage. Alonso made his way to sixth only to lose it to Schumi on the last lap when the safety car came in. Schumi was later punished with 20 sec added to his time, because the rule says the safety car will come in on the last lap of the race but the cars will take the chequered flag without overtaking. That is were Schumi lost and i think the rule will be changed soon. Not a bad race with many crashes and only half the cars finishing but Turkey will be a better race, I hope.

Red Bulls: Finally, the team that has taken all the poles this season and are the top dogs, have got to the top of both championships and its really close. have they left it late with the other teams ready to catch them up in qualifying?

Renault: a good day for them. not only did they get a podium, but the top three cars all had their engine, i would think they have the best engine this year.

Ferrari: Massa had a quite race. Gave a solid performance and Alonso made his way through the field like a great driver. They got more points than they thought after Alonso crash.

McLaren: Lewis too also had a quite race kept the car in the same position as he started but Buttons engine and blew and questions will be asked if an extra piece was left in the car that shouldn't have been there.

Mercedes: Not as good as ending as it should have been. Schumi had 20sec added to his time for overtaking when he shouldn't have done, so no points for him, and Rosberg says he should have been on the front row, he must be playing a bit of mind games with Schumi to let him know I'm faster.

Force India: Having both cars in the points was a good day for them. they took advantage of the cars dropping out.

Toro Rosso: they got lucky and picked up a point after Schumi’s penalty.

Hispania: Chandhok was doing well keeping the car on the road and was heading for a finish, but it was unfortunate that the Lotus hit him. It would have been a good day other wise.

Lotus: Kovi had been having problems with getting 2nd gear all weekend and they replaced a few bits in it, but it put a stop to his race and Trulli will have to be careful because he caused a crash and that has cost the team lot of money to repair the car.

Williams: Rubens was sure to be in for some good points at Monaco but the news is the car had a failure. Williams need to find some upgrades soon because they will be fallling behind Renault more.

Sauber: is was another quite day for Sauber and De La Rosa is still having bad luck. I get the feeling he may be kicked out soon. Could Kimi come back and take his seat? he was at the GP.

Virgin: It was good to see Alonso trying to pass the Virgin car. he was raising his hands, well that was tough for Alonso, its racing and these guys are as competitive as the rest. A good show but same the cars didn't last.

Muteen Hussain

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