Sunday, 30 May 2010

Turkish GP

Just a quick blog. I had to work so i missed the race in whole,which is a shame because i like this GP, i have always found it entertaining. Team mates racing each other and accidents. a lot of talking after the race on who was to blame for RBs losing the race, could this spell the down fall of RB?

McLaren: The upgrades are working on the car and their race pace is almost as good as the Red Bulls. A Great one-two with a little luck and that is needed in competition. Its was great to see them race each other for a few corners, but they had a problem with fuel running low, with Canada next will they have enough fuel to push to the end?

Red Bulls: A bad day for them. both cars hitting each other and only one finishing when they could have had a perfect race. I would say it Vettel’s fault because he was going into Webber’s racing line and he knew it at the interview when he wasnt put the blame on anyone. Red Bulls are losing so many races and it was at this point last year when it changed for Brawn GP and they started falling back. Will that happen to RB, and will they rush the F-Duck onto their cars to keep the edge?

Mercedes: A great start for Schumi, he is getting better and better in each race. I still think he will win Hungarian GP, the team just need to improve there speed. Rosberg is still pushing Schumi but on the outside it looks he’s losing to him team mate in the backrooms.

Renault: A surprise that they are pushing Ferrier. Mainly thanks to Kubica. The team do have a good leader in him, and they will have Mercedes to push. They had a quite race but are picking up many points. if the second car can pick up some points, they could finish in the top 4.

Ferrier: What has happened to the team everyone thought would be going for wins to saying ‘its the best we can do’. Alonso not leading them in right way? Is the team principal the wrong man? or have they been so use on focusing on one main driver(during Schumi days) that trying to keep both drivers equal to much for them. Remember they offered Massa an extended contract if he support Kimi for the Championship and they did the same to Kimi to help Massa the year after. they are a One Main driver team. Finishing 7th and 8th is not them.

Force India: Strong performance from Sutil again, keeping the car in the points, and beating the Williams team must put a smile on there faces.

Sauber: What an improvement form the most disappointing team of the season so far. Getting a car into Q3, was a great achievement and getting a point. I didnt think they would be getting anything after the last few races, but i do think De La Rosa will be dropped for next season.

Toro Rosso: A quite race after an early punched tyre but having the second fastest lap.Not sure if that proves anything because that is at the end of the race when most cars are slowing to save fuel.

Williams: They havnt got the upgrade they wanted for this GP and it showed. They are not fighting for the points and this will get Rubens down. Thats not good for him cause i think it take him time to recover and thats the last thing they need. Upgrades are needed quickly and a different engine, id say Renault.

Virgin: These boys will be on a high after having two cars complete the race and their main rivals not finishing at all. a great improvement from them. let the momentum continue.

Hispania: They where doing, both cars were doing well but they will be disappointed in not having at least one finish the race.

Lotus: The worst race of the season for them. Their main rival finishing ahead of them. They have normally had the edge over them and they may still have.

Muteen Hussain

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