Sunday, 27 June 2010

European GP

After missing the Canadian GP i was kicking myself because i was looked forward to that race and it was great(from what i saw)

Now the Valencia, normally a boring race in opinion but it started well, Vettel and Lewis had made contact but both still stay in the front, but Webber was falling back.He must have had contact with Button because they where racing each other before he fell further back. There wasn't much else happening in the race until Webber was fighting for position against Kovi. With the superior Webber was about to take over but Kovi had hit the breaks and Webber hit the back of him at nearly 200mph and went flying in the air out of the race. A debate opened about slower cars fighting for position against a superior car should just back down. Well no. It doesn't matter if your going to lose the battle in the end the drivers should race and the slower cars have the right to be there otherwise the FIA shouldn’t have given the slower teams a place in the starting grid. The safety car came out and most of the drivers went into the pits to change their tyres. It would later be announced that 9 drivers had to be investigated for speeding under the safety conditions, and Lewis had a drive through penalty because he over took the safety as it was coming out if the pits and just pasted the line when the safety car is active. It stopped use from having a battle between Vettel and Lewis but the BMW driver Kobayashi made the safety car work for him and he was in 3rd place for most of the race because he didn't come into the pits for his tyre change. He would pit late into the race and come out behind Alonso in 9th. With only a few laps left he made a passed Alonso and at the last corner of the race he past Buemi to finish 7th. Not a bad race but looking forward to the next in Britain.

Red Bulls: It was a good day, not a great one but good. Vettel got them the win but Webber had crashed out.

McLaren: 2nd and 3rd was good for a team who said they didn't have the complete upgrade to the car, which would have given them an extra half second. They look dangerous if that is true.

Williams: A superb result for the Williams with Rubens finishing 4th. They got the upgrades they wanted and a fresh engine gave them a great qualy and they took it into the race.

Renault: As always Kubica put in a solid performance, keeping Renault in the points and the pressure on Mercedes.

Force India: Had a bad qualy but the safety car helped them and a decision to get the tyres changed then got Sutil in the points.

Sauber: They had the best day and the best race for there season. In 3rd place for most of the race and having some speed to help build up a gap from the last of the points drivers helped them to the best result.

Ferrari: Looked good in practice and qualified good but had bad luck when the safety car came out when Alonso and Massa had to go around the whole track to the pits and change their tyres plus Massa had to que for tyres.

Toro Rosso: Always at the back of the point hoping they get into them and they do pick up a few.

Mercedes: They had the worst weekend this season. Saying the tyres are to blame. Schumi being picked out as not doing well but thats not fair on him. Rosberg didnt do well and for a first season after a long break he is doing well.

Virgin: They had a good battle with Hispania, Good to see the back markers pushing each other.

Hispania: Same as Virgin and glad to have finished ahead of Lotus in sure.

Lotus: 500th GP for them and it was nice to have the son of Lotus founder there, but with the crash involving Kovi will be there main story for this GP.

Muteen Hussain

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